Best touch screen laptop under 50000 in india

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  • Free upgrade to Windows 11 when available.
  • 10th Gen Intel Core i3-10110U, 2.1 GHz Base Speed, 
  • 8GB (4GB onboard + 4GB SO-DIMM) Upgradeable up to 12GB
  • 256GB M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD
  • Graphics card : Integrated Intel UHD Graphics
  • Office 2019 Home and Student with lifetime Validity 
  • Pre-loaded Windows 10 Home with lifetime validity
  • Design & battery: Metallic Lid | 360° metal hinge | 1.5 kg weight | 42W, 3-cell Polymer Battery
  • FingerPrint Reader with Windows Hello support 
  • VGA web camera | Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) (802.11ax) 2*2 | Bluetooth 5.0 | Built-in 2 W Stereo Speakers

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Top rated product


Top rated product

Best touch screen laptop under 50000 in india :-

Best touch screen laptop :- In the era of increasing technology, nowadays things related to people’s life are becoming much easier. Everything is being made so easy that people can work faster and better by doing less and less hard work. In such a situation, if we talk about internet, today every work has become online. And today everyone knows very well the importance of laptop and computer. Because many of your work gets done sitting at home.

And today what you can do with a laptop, you cannot do with a mobile phone. And in the age of increasing technology, everyone should learn some online personal work from the internet. And you should do it by yourself, which will increase the knowledge of people and will continue to learn something new. By the way, today’s best touch screen laptop post is for you with a great best touch screen laptop which is given to you with touchscreen.

Best touch screen laptop can help you a lot in many ways. And working on it can also be very easy and fast. You will not have to use any separate mouse to use it and you can work faster than the mouse. Let’s know about this best touch screen laptop.

This best touch screen laptop belongs to the ASUS brand. Which is a very famous company in electric products. And makes many good products. Its rating is very good. On Amazon and it is also in a better budget than other laptops. Right now you have been given it for Windows 10 Home Lifetime Free. But as soon as the update for Windows 11 comes, automatically your Windows 11 update will come, you can use it.

Best touch screen laptop under 50000 in india :-

You are also given Intel’s Core i3 processor in this best touch screen laptop. Which comes with the 10th generation. You also get to see 2.1 to 2.4 GHz Base Speed ​​in this laptop. And talk about the storage in it, then you get to see 8 GB of RAM in it. Which also gives very good speed. And with this you have also been given an extra slot, so that you can increase the RAM up to 12 GB.

Talking about the storage in it, then you get ssd up to 256 GB. Which works very fast. than any other hard drive. You also get Intel’s UHD Graphics with it. Due to which the work of graphis also becomes much easier and faster. And the quality of its display has been given very good. Which is full hd display. In this you get a large size display of 14 inches. Which gives a great experience.

You get the best quality with a touchscreen. Which you can also operate with your hand. You will not even need a touch pad or mouse. With this, this laptop will give you a very good view up to 178 degrees. It is much more flexible. Which also turns back completely. You can use it by keeping it on your feet, and it will also take less space.

In the best touch screen laptop, you are given lifetime access to MS Office. It is made entirely of metal. Which will also give you a very good viewing experience. And strength, this very light laptop is also thin with it. Due to which the look of your laptop also looks very good. And it will not take much weight for you to carry or bring in the bag. It weighs only 1.5 kg, and it also consumes very less power for you. Which consumes only 42 watts, and other laptops consume up to 65 watts of power. In this you get to see 3 polymer batteries.

You also get the best touch screen laptop as well as Backlit Chiclet Keyboard. Which also looks very nice. With this you get to see an hdmi port. And a 3.5 mm combo audio jack is also available. In this you get to see 3 usb. In which you also get to see a type C. There is also a card reader in which you can put the card of the camera as well.

You are also given a finger print sensor for security in it. Which is given to you with window support. And you also get a webcam with the best touch screen laptop. In this you get to see Wi-Fi. And Bluetooth is also seen which is of 5.0. You also get to see a 2 watt stereo speaker in it. Which is supplied with a microfoam. Its sound quality is quite good to see.
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benifits of Best touch screen laptop –

It comes to you with a more compact and smaller design. Most touchscreen laptops are more convenient than other ordinary laptops. Due to which you can easily travel anywhere with it. It is also very light and the earlier laptops are quite big and heavy. Due to which it becomes very difficult to travel.

You get rid of the keyboard problem, ever since the best touch screen laptop has come. Since then it does not provide keyboard in most laptops. If the soil gets stuck in the middle of the keyboard or if the dust settles then it becomes very difficult to clean it. So you get rid of the keyboard.

It comes with quite a vibrate touch. Why is this important to you? Whenever you touch any touch screen laptop, it will give you a vibration which it shows. That your given command has been used correctly. Every one of your best touch screen generates vibration inside the laptop.

You do not even need any desktop or any such surface to use the best touch screen laptop. You can use this best touch screen laptop anywhere. Whether you are sitting on the sofa or lying on the bed. You can use it very easily and conveniently. You don’t get keyboard in this. Which doesn’t cause you any problem. Either way you can use the best touch screen laptop.

In this laptop you get a high quality touchscreen. Because if it is not good enough and strong enough, then it will spoil quickly because you have to use the touchscreen all the time. Hence it is given much stronger. In other normal laptops, such a good touch screen is not given.

If your touch pad or mouse gets damaged due to any reason. Even then the best option left with you is to use the touchscreen.

 how touch screen laptop works :-

Let’s discuss how their touch technology works. There are two types of touch screen displays. The first type is the resistive touch display, while the second is the capacitive touch display. These two types of laptops do different things.
1. resistive touch display Resistive touch works with the help of two layers; resistive layer and conductive layer. The two layers are stacked on top of each other. Power courses through both when the laptop is on. This type of touch screen works through the primary focus point. To clarify, when you touch the screen you are touching the resistive layer. Once you put pressure in it, it will sink deep enough to touch the conductive layer below.
This causes lightning to accelerate at that particular point. Later, the laptop’s touch screen software takes note of the input and takes the resulting action based on how the gesture is inputted. However, this type of display has some significant drawbacks. For starters, the use of two layers makes the display thicker. More importantly, this type of touch screen display does not support multi-touch. This is because it is designed to work on the basis of a single point of contact. You


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