Best non stick tawa | Best non stick tawa for roti

Features of Best non stick tawa –

  • 2 Year Guarantee on Futura Nonstick Under the terms of the written.
  • Manufactured using a unique patented process ,
  • Diameter (cm): 33 , Thickness (mm): 4.88.
  • Gas Stovetop and Electric Top compatible.
  • Will not work on Induction Cooktop.
  • High quality German non-stick coating to reduce oil usage.
  • Hawkins Authorised Service Expert,


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Best non stick tawa – Nowadays most of the people eat dosa and paratha daily. On hearing the name of Paratha and Dosa, everyone starts having a desire to eat it. And today it is used to eat paratha and dosa in some tiffin, some in lunch break and some at home. Along with this, you also have to cook good food. Then comes the taste of paratha. On hearing the name of the food, we make up our mind to eat without worrying about our health.

And these new food items are now growing very fast in India too. Along with this, rapid changes have also been seen in the utensils and equipment used for cooking. Due to which today’s Best non stick tawa has been made much better than the earlier Tawa. on which you can cook very easily.(Best non stick tawa)

And nowadays the trend of Best non stick tawa  is increasing very fast in India. And along with this many other things which are made from non stick things, its trend and demand is increasing very fast in India. And today the demand for non stick utensils is very high in India. And anyway you know how much food is liked in India. In which non stick tawa is playing a very good role. Along with making good and tasty food, it is also quite easy. which anyone can use very easily.

Today non stick coating is done in any non stick utensils. Which saves your pot from using less oil and sticking to anything in the pot. Along with this, cleaning it is much easier than other utensils. Due to all these reasons, today non stick utensils and Best non stick tawa have become so much in demand in India. But it is very difficult to do this if you get a good non stick tawa. But we have brought here the best non stick tawa after doing a lot of research for you. Which has the highest rating on Amazon, and it has also been liked by the most people. Which you can absolutely trust without any doubt.A great dosa and paratha tawa will make your dosa very tasty. and too soon.(Best non stick tawa).

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Features of Best non stick tawa –

This is a Hawkins branded griddle. Which is known for making very good utensils. And this company is a very big and trusted company. When you buy anything, you are definitely given some warranty. And the vessel in which you are not given warranty, that product is local. In this Hawkins Best non stick tawa , you have been given a warranty of 2 years. Which is enough. With this, its size is 48.3 x 7.6 x 34.3 Centimeters. Which comes in black color. By the way, all non stick utensils are made in black color only.

Note that it is not designed for ovens and dishwashers. This Best non stick tawa is prepared by a separate patented process. That’s why it is best in utensils. The Dimensions Diameter of this Tawa is given as 33 cm, Thickness (mm): 4.88. This is the best non stick tawa for you.Designed for Gas Stovetop and Electric Top. On which it works very easily without any problem. The thing to note is that this does not work on your induction cocktop. For that, the design of all utensils is made in a different way.(Best non stick tawa)

German non stick coating has been done to avoid less oil consumption in this best non stick hawkins pan. And the non stick coat done in this pan is sitting in the clap which lasts for a very long time. This Best non stick tawa is not at all safe for Dishwasher. Hard anodised base has been used in this pan. So that the Best non stick tawa can heat up very fast. It is colored in colour. Because all non stick coating is done with black color only. Along with this, aluminum has been made to hold the handle in it. Which is very light, and also does not rust quickly.

You get it in the package. when you order. In this you get a griddle and a user manual book with it, along with it you get to see a scrubber and Piece wooden spatula. Along with this, you get to see a guarantee of 2 years, although warranty is given in every product. In which your product is repaired. But in this you have been given a guarantee of 2 years, in which if your tawa gets damaged, you are given a new tawa in return for it. And the best part is, there are many nonstick utensils in India today. But all of them give you a warranty of 6 months to 1 year. But in this pan you get to see a warranty of up to 2 years.(Best non stick tawa)

Hawkins is also an Authorized Service Expert. Which gives a great product to the market. Hawkins Company provides lifelong free service to its customers. It has 700 branches which have been made in India, Nepal, and Bhutan. Because of which this service expert has remained. Along with this, it gives you the service of all Hawkins utensils and products.

Benefits of Best non stick tawa –

There are many great benefits of non stick utensils. Which you get to see.

1. In this, you can cook food without oil, however, in India, such a vegetable is very difficult to make, in which oil has not been used. But when you use this Best non stick tawa , you can make the same food without even a drop of oil. Because oil is also used for this reason. Because the vegetable should not stick to the pot, or the paratha should not stick. In this non stick pan, a non stick coat is applied on it using aluminum. Which prevents your paratha from sticking to the pan while cooking. (Best non stick tawa)

2. The non stick pan is easy to clean and dry, as nothing sticks to it due to the nonstick coat being applied to it. And it is so smooth and smooth that nothing sticks to it. And it becomes clear very soon. By the way, all other utensils absorb more oil while cooking, and the food sticks. Which becomes very difficult to clean.

3. By the way, with the non-stick coating in it, the scratches are less. Because it is smooth. Therefore, the risk of scratching it is also very less. In comparison to the rest of the pots. With this you also have to take care. Because if you use a steel spoon in this, then there is always a chance of getting a little scratch.(Best non stick tawa)


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